The first snowfall this winter in Beijing today, the lowest temperature in 10 years


Beijing. Snow has started falling in the Chinese capital from today, 23 days before the onset of cold weather (winter). According to the Global Times, there was a 10-year-old cold on Sunday.

Extreme cold has disrupted public transport in Beijing. Bus, train and ship services have been suspended.

In areas where the Covid 19 infection is most prevalent, snow will be removed in a special way, and traffic will not be allowed outside.

The Beijing Metropolitan Government has deployed 56,000 people to clear the snow and 33,000 people have been deployed to melt the snow. 30,000 tons of snowmelt has been collected.

On Sunday, Beijing-based Capital International Airport reported only 494 flights. As many as 63 flights were canceled till 8 am and 10 flights were postponed.

175 bus lanes are blocked. Buses plying around the capital, Beijing, have shortened the time to get on and off. Nine trains were stopped in Beijing on Sunday.

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