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8 Reasons Why Virtual Numbers Are the Future

Virtual numbers are becoming popular as they provide several functionalities that help businesses streamline client communication. They are cloud-based numbers not associated with any particular mobile network or a telephone line. They can be accessed without the intermediation of a call operator. The hosting provider of the virtual phone numbers connects the calls on their servers and ensures seamless and secure connectivity with the clients. These numbers are becoming the future of business contact numbers. The solution helps the business to deliver better customer support and expand its customer base. Let’s discuss the 8 reasons why they are the future.

Top 8 Reasons Defining Virtual Number As The Future

  • Omnipresence: Which business does not like to be connected to their customers 24×7? It does not necessarily mean being onsite to respond to the customer’s queries. Virtual phone numbers help businesses stay connected with their customers 24×7 by forwarding the calls received on the virtual contact number to the agents’ mobile phones and landlines. The customers can connect to the business beyond the working hours and address their queries with urgency. It creates a customer-friend image of the company.
  • More conversions: Businesses aim for better lead generation and need more conversions to maximise profitability. The virtual number India solutions allow businesses to track every inbound and outbound call. In this way, they never lose a business opportunity. By actively nurturing the leads, the agents can get more conversions and boost the profitability rate of the business.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Escalating operational costs can hinder the growth of a business. With the help of virtual numbers, a company can optimise the call routes and connect the customers quickly to the available agents. The calls are connected based on several factors, such as the location and past client conversations. It helps to connect the most suitable agent to the customers who are the best choice for solving the customer’s queries.
  • Number masking: Virtual contact numbers can also be used to communicate securely with customers. By integrating the number-making feature, businesses can protect the customers’ data from misuse. The call details, such as the actual name and contact details, are hidden/ masked, so there are zero data leaks. Businesses can ensure seamless and secure communication with customers without exposing their data.
  • Data Insights: The solution offers in-depth insights into call operations. Business organisations can understand how their contact center is performing. Actionable insights provided by the virtual number India help businesses make the correct decisions in the organisation’s interest.
  • Call recording: Companies can record the client-agent communication and analyse the call records later. With an in-depth analysis of the call recordings, businesses can measure the agent performance against different call center KPIs. It will help the company understand the agents’ efficiency levels. They can decide on the most appropriate training module for their agents and help them improve their efficiency.
  • IVR: The IVR- the Interactive Voice Response is a technology that helps businesses provide better customer support. Companies can integrate the IVR with the Virtual phone number and provide customers with a series of menus and sub-menus. Customers can easily choose the menu connecting them to the desired department or a live agent. In this way, customers can resolve their queries quickly at the earliest. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Customer support in multiple languages can help businesses effectively reach out to customers. With the help of the virtual contact number, companies can run automated calling campaigns and customise them in Hindi, English, and several regional languages. Companies can succeed with high customer engagement in the preferred/ local languages of the customers. It helps to attract and retain more customers. 


If you have been looking for the best virtual number provider, you must have come across Knowlarity, one of India’s leading cloud telephony companies. It is known for its high-quality cloud-based communication products that help businesses streamline their business communication and deliver better customer support. The virtual phone numbers can provide high customer satisfaction as customers quickly connect to the customer support team. Moreover, with real-time data insights, companies can get a new perspective of their call operations, their agents’ performance, and, most importantly, their customers. Companies can get insights into customers’ preferences and provide them with the product or service they need to meet their expectations. You can consider Knowlarity to get the virtual number India to start delivering better customer support.


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