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Australian snake catcher challenges you to find the creature hidden in this picture

Australian snake catcher challenges you to find the creature hidden in this picture

You’ve got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden snake in this photo: Australian Snake Catcher challenges you to find the creature

  • Australia is home to nearly 200 species of snake, 25 of which are considered potentially deadly to humans
  • Snake hunters are working tirelessly to safely eliminate snakes seeking refuge in residential areas across the country


Australian snake catcher Bryce Lockett challenges YOU to spot the hidden snake in the image below.

Lockett, 25, from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast, works as a snake catcher in Australia.

There are nearly 200 known types of snakes found in Australia.

25 are considered life-threatening.

Often sneaking into residential areas, expert hunters work across the country to find and bring the snakes back to safety.

Last month a snake was filmed jumping off a roof and striding away unfazed by snake catcher Liza Van Gelder from Queensland.

Councilor Mark Booth of Moreton Bay Regional Council spoke for many when he said: ‘Well, I could easily have gone the rest of my life not knowing they could do this…’

Bryce Lockett previously shared a preview of his work in 2020.

He showed off a huge python he had pulled out of a fuel pump bin.

Carpet pythons can grow up to 3.6 meters in length and live almost everywhere in Australia except Tasmania.

They prefer to live in trees and are active day and night.

They kill their prey by constriction, living mainly on small mammals, birds and lizards – although some have been known to kill domestic cats and dogs.

Although there are a few reports of carpet pythons attacking humans, this is rare.

The greatest threat to their survival is the destruction of their habitat, and many of them find themselves sheltering in houses, requiring safe and careful removal.


Still don’t see it?

Lockett pictured during a caption in Queensland, Australia

Lockett pictured during a caption in Queensland, Australia

Bryce Lockett is pictured here (right) holding snakes captured at work last week.

Bryce, 25, has worked as a professional snake catcher for ten years.

In January 2020, he found three female pythons that had crawled into a compost bin and laid 75 eggs.

Snakes – like birds – incubate their eggs in moist, warm environments.

This makes certain residential areas attractive to deadly snakes.

In Brisbane, he found a 1.6 meter carpet python that had crawled under the bonnet of a car to rest.

He said these places provide warmth and calm when the snakes wake up from hibernation.

The python, which is harmless, has been safely removed and moved to another area.

The carpet python or diamond python is found throughout Australia except for the desert regions of central and western Australia.

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