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Biden confuses story about Oregon in speech to wealthy donors

President Joe Biden and his granddaughter Natalie arrive in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening

Joe Biden is STILL confused as he spoils the story of the part of Oregon that voted to secede in front of wealthy donors who just gave $1 million

  • Biden made a verbal blunder during a fanciful fundraiser
  • He shuffled a story about Oregon in front of 65 wealthy donors
  • They had just given $1 million to the Democratic Party

President Joe Biden was confused and confused again on Tuesday night when he spoke to a group of wealthy Democratic donors and spoiled a story about Oregon.

Biden, 80, noted he was watching TV on Air Force One on the flight to Las Vegas when he saw a news report about part of Oregon seceding from Idaho.

But he mixed up the part of the state where it’s happening.

‘I arrived here on Air Force One. I look and you have western Oregon deciding they’re going to secede and be part of Idaho,’ he said.

” What is happening ? »

“Idaho is a beautiful state but no, I’m serious. They actually moved hard. They passed resolutions in the state to do that,’ he said as his audience laughed.

President Joe Biden and his granddaughter Natalie arrive in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening

President Joe Biden and his granddaughter Natalie arrive in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening

The report aired on CNN as Biden traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the final leg of his three-day West Coast tour.

But it was actually eastern Oregon that voted to secede.

Biden’s mistake came at a swanky private home in one of Las Vegas’ most private and affluent neighborhoods.

The president was addressing about 65 attendees at a fundraiser that raised more than $1 million for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.

The fundraiser was closed to cameras, but print reporters were allowed inside to take notes.

This isn’t the first time Biden, who struggled with stuttering as a child, has made a verbal blunder. He often referred to his vice president Kamala Harris as president. In September, he called Rep. Jackie Walorski at an event after she had died in a car accident the previous month.

Some Democrats have privately expressed concerns about Biden’s health. He would be 82 if he runs and wins a second term in the White House.

Last month, he had his annual physical where his doctor declared him healthy and fit to be president.

Biden on Tuesday was referring to a decision by the Idaho House of Representatives to pass a nonbinding resolution calling for formal talks between the Idaho and Oregon legislatures to discuss moving some rural counties from Oregon to Idaho.

President Joe Biden screwed up a story in front of wealthy Democratic donors

President Joe Biden screwed up a story in front of wealthy Democratic donors

The bill is also before the Oregon State Legislature.

The proposal comes from the Greater Idaho movement, which seeks to include about 13 counties, or 63% of Oregon’s landmass, within Idaho’s borders.

Of the thirteen counties in the proposal, eleven have so far voted to advance talks on the prospect, and supporters are optimistic they will continue to gain traction.

Proponents of the proposal believe eastern Oregon is more politically and culturally aligned with Idaho than large progressive Oregon cities in the western part of the state.

“Eastern Oregonians feel like their state-level governance hasn’t heard them, hasn’t listened to our concerns, and hasn’t worked for eastern Oregon. Oregon,” Greater Idaho Movement spokesman Matt McCaw told Fox News last month.

Such a move would require the Idaho Legislature, Oregon Legislature and Congress to all approve it.

It would also likely require several amendments to the Idaho Constitution and the Oregon Constitution.

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