How to Break Large PST File Into Multiple Smaller Parts?

I’ll cover the most straightforward and tried method for dividing a large PST file into numerous smaller parts in this post. Many users have complained about large PST files and want smaller PST files. The best solution to this issue is to break larger PST files into smaller PST files. We first need to understand the PST file before moving on to the solution to break large PST file. So let’s start.

Personal Storage Table, or PST for short, is an Outlook data file. It saves all of your Outlook data and exports your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and much more. Outlook versions 97 through 2000 support ANSI PST files, while versions 2003 through 2019 support UNICODE PST files. There are file size restrictions on PST files in various versions of Outlook.

PST files can only be a maximum of 50 GB in size in Outlook 2013, 2016, and 2019. Other Outlook versions may have various file size restrictions. There are other PST file kinds, including archive PST, which acts as a backup by moving data into a distinct PST file, active PST, etc.

Need to Break Large PST File into Several Smaller Parts

Splitting a PST file into several smaller PST files is done for a variety of reasons. Among the frequent causes are:

  • Due to the high size of PST files, Outlook’s performance is slowed considerably, necessitating PST splitting.
  • The user cannot access the PST file or send or receive fresh email messages because it is too huge.
  • It is necessary to divide the large PST file into smaller files in order to prevent data loss caused by the oversized PST file.

Manually Splitting a Large Outlook PST File

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t come with a tool for dividing PST files. As a result, I discovered a few manual methods for splitting up large PST files into smaller ones.

Method 1: Use the archive feature to Break the PST file

To divide a huge PST file into manageable chunks, use the Archive features in Outlook. Take the actions listed:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook, then select the File tab.
  2. Navigate to Info >> Tools >> Remove old items
  3. Choose a folder to archive, enter a date in the box labeled “Archive things older than,” and then click “Browse” to save the archive file where you want it.
  4. To finish the process, click OK.

Method 2: Break Large PST Files Using the Import/Export Option

Large PST files can be divided using the Import/Export wizard.

Complete all the steps listed below:

  1. Account Settings can be accessed by selecting File > Account Settings.
  2. Click Add in the Account Setting Wizard’s Data Files section.
  3. Type in the file name and the Outlook Data File format (.pst). Click OK to proceed.
  4. You can quickly view the newly formed PST under Data Files after it has been created.
  5. Click on File once more. Export & Open Import/Export
  6. Select the Export to a file option in the Import/Export wizard, then click Next.
  7. In the Export to a file window, choose Outlook Data File (.pst).
  8. Choose the necessary folder to export, and then choose the Include subfolders checkbox.
  9. Select the appropriate item by selecting Browse.

To choose where to save the exported file, click Browse and then make your selection. Don’t export duplicate items by selecting them from the choices, then click the Finish button.

Method 3: Easy Way to Reduce Outlook Mailbox Size Without Deleting Anything

It is not feasible to directly lower the size of the PST file in Outlook; there is no such option. Users can split the PST data file using the Advik PST Splitter Tool a result. Microsoft Outlook does not have to be set up on the PC in order to use the program. Without using Outlook, it safely divides the data file. One can apply this strategy due to its interface.

The software supports PST data files in both ANSI and UNICODE. It is compatible with every Windows operating system version. Also, this tool allows users to split PST file by year, size, date, and many more filters. You can also apply various advanced filters to enhance the splitting process.

Steps to Split Large PST File are as follows;

  1. Download and set up the tool.
  2. Select the PST file by tapping on Add File or Add Folders.
  3. Select the location to save the generated files by clicking Browse.
  4. The software gives you a variety of options when you click Options. Select Split by Size after that.
  5. The tool will start the procedure when you select the Next radio button.

This straightforward method makes it possible to split large PST files into smaller ones with only a few clicks.


We have covered ways to condense the size of an Outlook mailbox without removing it in this particular article. Both the manual and the expert solutions are covered in great depth. However, it is advised to choose the professional solution because it has many features that will undoubtedly assist you in finishing the process quickly.

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