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Can you trust the state pension system as more blunders emerge? TiM podcast

Can you trust the state pension system as more blunders emerge? TiM podcast

Can you trust the state pension system as new blunders emerge? It’s the Money Podcast

You would like to imagine that when it comes to state pension, you would be dealing with a more robust system than those that offer the average customer service nightmare.

Savers could be forgiven for wondering if that was the case after a series of recent blunders.

First we had the underpaid women’s state pension scandal, now we have the pension top-up system creaking at the same time as it turns out there can be a serious problem with the files of those who received universal credit.

The common thread in exposing these issues was Tanya Jefferies, editor of This is Money’s pension and investment, and retired columnist Steve Webb. They have worked tirelessly to help those affected and bring these issues to light.

This week we had a double news header on the state pension with an admission of the problems with universal credit and the government finally extended the deadline to increase the state pension via top-ups.

In this podcast episode, Tanya talks to us about the issues and discusses what they mean for people, with Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert.

Additionally, the team explains why you should put your savings in an Isa Cashbox, where to find the best ones, and why transfers might be the most important thing you can do.

Plus, who are the Dividend Heroes, what do they have to do with the Rolling Stones, and what can we learn from them about long-term investing?

And finally, rising interest rates have severely hampered the amount of mortgage a monthly payment can buy, so could you afford to buy your home now?

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