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Chinese father keeps lottery win secret from his wife and child to 'stop them becoming lazy'

Chinese father keeps lottery win secret from his wife and child to 'stop them becoming lazy'

Chinese dad is keeping his wife and child’s £26m lottery win SECRET to ‘stop them from getting lazy’

  • The man, who identified himself as ‘Mr Li’, won a total of £26million
  • He dressed in a yellow cartoon character costume to hide his face from the cameras
  • He didn’t tell his family for fear the money would make them complacent

A man in China is hiding his 219m yuan (£26m) lottery winnings from his wife and child because he fears knowledge of the jackpot will make them lazy.

To protect his anonymity, the man, who only identified himself by the pseudonym “Mr Li”, dressed in a yellow cartoon character costume to claim his winnings at the lottery office in Nanning, in the southern region of Guangxi last week on October 24. , reported Nanning Evening News.

“Mr. Li” said he was delighted with his win but wanted to hide his identity and keep the jackpot a secret from his wife and child.

“Mr. Li” dressed in a yellow cartoon character costume to protect his anonymity as he collected his lottery winnings at the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Center in Nanning on October 24.

‘I haven’t said anything to my wife and child for fear that they will be too complacent and won’t work or work hard in the future,’ he told Nanning Evening News .

“Mr. Li” bought 40 tickets for the raffle from a shop in Litang, a town east of the regional capital of Nanning. Each ticket purchased had the same seven numbers, with the lottery company paying 5.48 million yuan for each ticket.

After realizing he had the winning numbers of 2, 15, 19, 26, 27, 29 and 2, the man said he took a train to the state capital on Friday October 21 to collect his earnings.

“Mr. Li” then stayed at a hotel over the weekend before claiming his prize on Monday.

“I didn’t leave the hotel because I was afraid to go out and lose the lottery ticket,” he told the Nanning Evening News.

After collecting the 171.6 million yuan after tax, “Mr. Li” said he had donated 5 million yuan to charity and had not yet decided what to do with the rest. his new fortune.

“Mr. Li” said he had been playing the lottery for more than a decade and only won a few dozen yen. He said his previous strategy was to pick a new set of numbers each time, but he chose to stick with a favorite set of numbers a few years ago after he had bad luck.

The Chinese government organizes national lotteries to raise funds for social and cultural programs. Winners are taxed on their payment.

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