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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Met Police's Partygate probe is an inexcusable farce 

Met Police have announced they will issue 20 fines to Downing Street parties who broke lockdown rules, but did not reveal who was fined

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Met Police’s Partygate investigation is an inexcusable farce

This is the worst of all possible outcomes. Almost two months into the ill-judged police investigation into Partygate, Scotland Yard has announced a first tranche of 20 fixed penalty notices for Downing Street staff found to have breached Covid rules.

Agents will not say who they are sent to. The convicted persons have not yet been notified. And, most depressing of all, this is only the first stage of the investigation.

As usual when the police venture into politics, they have lost all sense of proportion. God only knows how long this pointless fiasco will last – and how much it will cost.

Met Police have announced they will issue 20 fines to Downing Street parties who broke lockdown rules, but did not reveal who was fined

Met Police have announced they will issue 20 fines to Downing Street parties who broke lockdown rules, but did not reveal who was fined

Legally, they deal with trivial matters. Yet the Met is treating it as some kind of major corruption investigation, wasting endless man hours and precious resources on offenses such as parking violations.

Of course, the Mail does not condone breaking the rules. But these were mostly young people working closely together under intense pressure to tackle the worst health and economic crisis in living memory.

Meanwhile, as the police roam Downing Street, an epidemic of knife crime plagues our major cities, detection rates atrophy and burglars go about their business virtually unchallenged.

For the BBC and much of the Westminster bubble, Partygate is all about dog whistle. For the rest of us, that’s yesterday’s news.

Every day the police hang around is another day late for the release of Sue Gray’s report on the culture and conduct that enabled these reckless gatherings.

This will tell us everything we need to know and will finally allow us to get out of this interminable affair.

precious monarchy

A year after his sad passing, the Duke of Edinburgh has finally received the farewell he deserved.

Unlike her reduced funeral, when the Queen sat in solitary confinement to comply with Covid regulations, her memorial service was packed.

Tears flowed. But it was a celebration of a remarkable life – long and well lived.

Prince Philip changed countless lives for the better and was the epitome of duty and patriotism. He was also a model consort to the Queen, subsuming personal ambition to public service.

At 95, Her Majesty inevitably becomes more fragile. Some wonder if this will be his last major public engagement.

But, dedicated and dignified, she still unites the nation like no other. With questions posed about the future of the monarchy, she reminds us what a valuable institution it is – and what we stand to lose without it.

Twisted priorities

They fled Putin’s bombs and bullets with next to nothing. Yet, traumatized, the displaced Ukrainians are forced to jump through hoops to reach safety in Britain.

Visa forms, biometrics, security checks… the hurdles exhausted evacuees must overcome to gain refuge are almost insensitive. So far, only 2,000 have been allowed to stay with host families.

Compare that with the 3,000 Channel migrants who reached our shores in March alone. Overwhelmingly healthy young men looking for a new life where jobs and benefits are easier to come by, they were immediately put up in hotels at taxpayers’ expense.

Isn’t it time the government prioritized genuine refugees over economic migrants?

  • Remember when the doomsayers warned that Brexit would decimate the City of London, leading to an exodus of 100,000 jobs? The reality is that only 7,000 jobs went to the European financial backwaters – and thousands more were created. Contrary to the fearmongering of swaying-eyed Remainers, post-EU Britain continues to be the country the world wants to do business in.

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