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Duplicate Email Issue in Outlook- Comprehensive Guide

The duplicate email issue in Outlook is becoming a common problem among Outlook users. Let’s understand their problem through one of the user queries.

“Hi, since I made some changes in the account settings, I notice that I am receiving the same emails multiple times. I’m not sure what have I done but I really want to get rid of them as soon as possible. If anyone could help me with finding a solution to remove them and suggest a method to stop the emails from getting duplicated then that would be really great. ”

Having redundant emails may not seem like a serious problem but its consequences pose challenges.

Just like the above user, if you too are facing the same issue then this informative write-up will guide you. And, also, it will state the reasons for getting duplicate emails, and provide solutions to remove them at once.

Let’s first start the discussion on the aftereffects of having redundant emails.

Impacts of Having Duplicate Emails in Outlook

There are various problems you may encounter with having identical emails. Such as,

If you have duplicate emails in your account then you must have noticed the Outlook application is somewhat not working up to its mark. It can happen because these identical emails directly affect the overall performance and productivity of Outlook.

Secondly, having duplicate emails will unnecessarily increase the size of the mailbox. Further, it may lead to data file corruption or freeze Outlook.

Last but not least, an organization deals with thousands of emails on daily basis. And, having the same copies of emails in one account may result in putting double effort. That means you may end up replying to an email twice or even thrice.

However, the question is, how come you end up receiving emails multiple times on your account? Let’s find out!

Reasons Behind Duplicate Email Issue in Outlook

Not just one but there are various reasons for getting duplicate emails.

Improper configuration: At the time of setting up your Outlook account if you have not properly configured the account settings. Then, due to misconfiguration, you can receive emails on Inbox as well as user-defined folders. As a result, duplicate emails get created on your account.

Uploading PST files: While importing PST files when you forget to choose the ‘Do not import duplicate items’ option then you will get duplicate emails.

Spamming: Oftentimes, some business entities send emails multiple times

Syncing issue: If you use your Outlook account on various devices then also there’s a chance of getting the same emails repeatedly.

Now, let’s discuss the ways to stop getting redundant emails.

How Can You Mitigate the Duplicate Email Issue in Outlook?

By considering and making small changes you can stop receiving duplicate emails.

1. Disable the ‘Leave a Copy of Message on Server’

Sometimes while configuring an Outlook account, users accidentally or knowingly enable the Leave a copy of message on server option. As a result, every time it syncs with the account it downloads a copy of your email files to your account.

Hence, follow the below steps for disabling the above option.

1. Open Outlook on your system

2. Go to the File tab

3. Next, click on the Info option and then click Account Settings.

4. Navigate to the E-Mail tab.

5. After that, choose your account and click on More Settings.

6. Then, click on the Advanced tab. Finally, uncheck the Leave a copy of the message on the server option.

2. Inactivate Outlook Rules

If you have defined any rules for the movement of incoming emails to a temporary or user-defined folder then consider disabling them. By this, you will be able to mitigate the duplicate email issue in Outlook.

3. Every time you attempt to import PST files to your account, make sure to select the ‘Do not import duplicate items’ option.

4. Make a practice of reporting spam emails and on a higher note block them so that they will not crowd your inbox with repeated junk mails in the future.

By following the above, you will definitely avoid getting multiple emails. But, what about the already existing duplicate emails? How will you get rid of them?

Let’s discuss the techniques to delete redundant emails.

Methods to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

There are two ways that you can utilize for removing duplicate emails. One of them is manual and the other is an automated method. Let’s walk through the methods one at a time.

1. Manual Method:

Here, you can use the in-built Clean up tool provided by Microsoft to delete unnecessary emails. Just follow the below steps.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

Then, select a mailbox folder

Next, select Home and choose Cleanup

Now, choose any of the following options

  • Clean up Conversation: It will remove the duplicate emails that reside in the conversation section.
  • Clean Up Folder: Through this, you will be able to delete the duplicate emails from the folder
  • Clean Up Folders and Subfolders: This option will clean the duplicates from folders and subfolders

Next, right-click the Deleted Items folder and at last, click Empty Folder to delete duplicate emails.

However, this in-house tool doesn’t perform a deep clean but rather runs a quick scan and deletes the emails. And, this limitation can become a hurdle if you have a large number of duplicate emails in Outlook to remove.

2. Automated Method:

This is an effective method and the best part is it’s completely automated. It uses the Most Secured SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. In fact, this tried and tested software is used by both individuals and IT experts.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the working procedure of the tool.

Download the software from the given link and run it on your computer.

Include the PST files by clicking on Add File(s) or Add Folder.

Once you add the file, choose an option. That is whether you want to delete duplicates Within Folders or Across Folders.

Select the destination path for saving the resultant de-duplication file at the desired location.

Then, the item types you want to delete. In this case, select the ‘Emails’ checkbox and apply the Date Filter (optional) to mitigate the duplicate email issue in Outlook.

Make sure to ‘Specify duplicate criteria’ by choosing further options.]

Next, choose certain actions, then split PST file size, and click Next.

At last, click on OK.

Once you carry out the above process, it will export the result in PST format after removing the duplicates. If you want them in your Outlook import them back using the Import/Export wizard.

Bottom Line

The duplicate email issue in Outlook is faced by most users and apparently, this problem directly impacts the performance and productivity of the application. Hence, through this article, we’ve discussed various ways to stop receiving emails multiple times and elaborated solutions to remove duplicate emails in Outlook if you have any.

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