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How Do I Open MBOX File in Outlook 2019?

When dealing with several email accounts on PCs or laptops, email clients come in handy. It also allows you to arrange data locally for future backup and analysis. That is why they are widely utilised for both personal and commercial reasons. To store emails, each email client includes one or two integrated file types. MBOX is the most commonly utilised file format by over 20 email clients and services worldwide. However, there are several circumstances in which users must open these MBOX files with unsupported apps such as Microsoft Outlook. In this blog, we will address the most often asked question, How do I open MBOX file in outlook 2019?

Given the circumstances, it is fair to assume that the user wishes to access the Mailbox file in Outlook. However, this is a problematic situation because MS Outlook does not support the MBOX format. In fact, it stores mailbox items in PST files. As a result, MS Outlook does not support the direct import of MBOX files. However, after we convert MBOX to PST, we can simply open Mailbox files in Outlook. The methods for doing so are discussed further in this article.

Questions Like ‘Can Outlook Open MBOX Files?’

  • How Do I transfer MBOX File Into Outlook?
  • Can Outlook read Mailbox files?
  • How can I open an MBOX file in Outlook?
  • Can Outlook 2016 import MBOX files?
  • Can Outlook Open Mailbox Files?
  • How to View MBOX Files in Outlook?
  • How can I import MBOX files?

Though the questions change in wording, the meaning is the same. In all of these cases, customers merely wish to open MBOX files in  Outlook 2019 and other file formats. As a result, the answer remains the same for all of them.

View MBOX File in Outlook on Mac OS with Instant Solution

Why Transfer MBOX Files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

The need varies from user to user. Some frequent explanations are as follows:

  • Email transfer from MBOX-supported email apps such as Thunderbird to the MS Outlook platform.
  • Accessing MBOX file emails in Outlook installed on the user’s machine.
  • Someone distributed data in the form of an MBOX file. In the absence of an MBOX-supported email client, the user must now access and read the Mailbox file in Outlook.

Can Outlook Open MBOX Files? – Yes, but how?

As previously stated, the lack of any native methods in MS Outlook makes it difficult to directly open MBOX files. However, it is simple to resolve by simply by converting MBOX files to Outlook-readable formats, such as PST. Users can rely on the Advik MBOX to PST Converter application for this purpose. It may convert many MBOX files at once into the appropriate PST files. All of this while retaining the attachments, inline pictures, formatting, and other MBOX file components. It is an easy-to-use and effective way to import MBOX files in Outlook, with a simple GUI packed with strong functionality.

You may also attempt manually converting MBOX to PST. Those who have tried before know how exhausting it is. Even after spent hours on these untrustworthy manual methods, the results produced are far too incorrect, omitting critical data elements and structure. However, with the use of specialist software, the entire process of opening MBOX files in Outlook becomes automated. And if it excels in usability, speed, and consistency, there is nothing more to ask. That is exactly what this essay provides. A MBOX Converter that can be relied on to overcome all conversion problems while offering a favourable answer to the question ‘Can I open MBOX files in outlook 2019 and other versions?’

Steps to Read MBOX file into Outlook 2019 and other versions

Follow the given instructions to read emails from MBOX file into Outlook interface-

1. Instal and Run the tool on your system.

2. Click on Add MBOX file and browse the data file from the system.

3. Select PST from the given options.

4. Browse the location to save the converted file and at last, click on the Convert button.

Here you have a PST file with you, now you can transfer it to the Outlook interface using the Import/Export tool of Outlook.


The article ‘Can I open MBOX file in Outlook ?’ explains how to read Mailbox files in Outlook. In the beginning, users are hampered by MS Outlook’s incompatibility with MBOX. However, using a trusted programme makes importing MBOX files into Outlook a simple task. We hope that the aforementioned solution helps customers effortlessly access all of their emails and attachments in Microsoft Outlook.

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