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How to Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST?- A Complete Guide

Here, we will explore the export of the thunderbird files to the PST file. We will also understand the difference between these two formats and also the need to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST.before explaining how to convert thunderbird to outlook PST, I want to explain what thunderbird is an Outlook PST.

Thunderbird is an email application that is easy to set up and can be customized and yes this is free of Cost just like a Gmail application.

PST stands for personal storage table. As the name said this is used to store your emails, contact details, and calendar events.

Reasons to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST 

There are many reasons why it is necessary to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook format. Its details are given in the following:-

  • In Thunderbird, there is a lack of enterprise-class facilities and quality customer support.
  • In Thunderbird, there are no calendar integration and grouping contacts, unlike Outlook PST.
  • You go through a long setup and process if you choose the message threads. This does not happen with outlook. 
  • There are no features for tasks and scheduling.

Although Thunderbird supports multiple platforms, most people wouldn’t transport their Thunderbird to Outlook PST if it weren’t for these reasons. Now we discuss the method transfer emails from thunderbird to outlook.

Manual Method to Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST

You can use a guided approach for exporting MBOX to PST  format.

  • OpenThunderbird account, open that folder you want to export.
  • To select a specific email message, hold “Ctrl” and to select all email messages, press “Ctrl+A.
  • Now, right-click on the emails you’ve got decided on after which press Save As a choice to store in a handy location
  • Now, switch on your Microsoft Outlook app.
  • Then you click on the folder entitled “Outlook” after pressing the “New Folder option.”
  • Enter the name of the new folder in the section titled “Name,” then click “OK.” (Here, you see that the new folder you created is empty)
  • Select all the emails you had to export from your Thunderbird.
  • After creating a choice of all your emails, drag them to the folder of your Microsoft Outlook app to import the messages into the brand new folder that you created previously.
  • Now, After -import, you will be able to view your emails without problems.

You may be exporting thunderbird to Outlook by this method but This method has many drawbacks as you see the procedure is so lengthy. Some are major are given below.

Limitation of Manual Method

This method will benefit you when you’ve only a few emails. But if you have a large number of emails for migration, many a time, the manual approach is certain to fail. So, here are a few limitations of the manual methods.

  • The process is very complicated.
  • bulk conversion is not possible
  • The Integrity of data is compromised.
  • There can also be a chance of your loss of data.

Now Overcome these types of problems er found the best solution for users. Here we explain the professional approach which is easy and safe for the users.

Professional Method to Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST

As we came to know that the manual method is a key limitation and its process is also long. We can use an easy and secure CloudMigration Thunderbird Backup Tool instead of a manual method. You can easily export Thunderbird to Outlook PST. It is the most efficient and easy software to migrate all mailboxes into the desired formatted file. It is capable of backing up multiple accounts at a time. You can also try its free demo version.


In this blog, we described all the methods to export thunderbird to Outlook PST. Also, we provided the reasons for conversion. You can opt for the manual method but as we mentioned, it has many drawbacks. So, we also recommended the professional Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Tool.


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