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How to Read MBOX Emails in Adobe Reader?

“In this blog, we will explore the many techniques to read MBOX emails in Adobe Reader”

PDF (created by Adobe) is the standard format for documents that must be accessible across numerous systems. Why? Because it is the only document format that is independent of all platforms and retains its original content across all of them. Within its framework, it may hold a variety of data objects such as text, links, forms, images, and so on. As a result, it is the finest file format for transmitting information.

Many people want to export MBOX to PDF files to take advantage of the benefits of PDF. This article concentrates on how to view these MBOX emails in PDF format. The causes are also listed here.

Why Do Users Want Their MBOX Files in PDF Format?

MBOX and PDF are two quite distinct formats. MBOX is designed to save email messages from popular email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, The Bat, and others. While PDF is the most widely used document format. Still, users may choose to save their email communications as documents in order to easily retrieve and share them.

Some of the reasons why PDF is chosen over other documents while doing so are:

  • PDF is platform agnostic. It works well on every operating system.
  • Adobe PDF files may be password secured, making them less vulnerable to unwanted access.
  • These files may display a variety of data kinds such as text, graphs, and so on, making them a viable alternative to presentations.
  • PDF files are acceptable for legal purposes.
  • You don’t have to worry about data integrity or other features with PDF documents because they are preserved across systems.
  • Adobe PDF, unlike other document formats, allows attachments, making it an excellent choice for email conversion.

Manually Open MBOX Emails in PDF File

As stated below, there are two primary methods to read MBOX emails in Adobe Reader:

  • Manual Technique: The manual method for exporting MBOX to PDF makes use of free MBOX email client add-ons.
  • Professional Approach: The professional method allows you to produce PDF files while keeping attachments.

Exporting MBOX to PDF Manually

(Note: Before proceeding, make sure Thunderbird is installed.)

Step 1: Install the Free Add-on

  • Start the MBOX email client and navigate to Tools >> Add-ons (Press Alt key if menu is unavailable).
  • Look in the Add-ons Manager for “ImportExportTools.”
  • Look for ImportExportTools NG and choose Add to Thunderbird.
  • When the installation is complete, click Install Now and restart Thunderbird.

Step 2: Save the emails in PDF format.

  • Import the MBOX file into the MBOX email client by right-clicking on Local Folder and selecting ImportExportTools NG >> Import mbox file.
  • Now, choose the emails you wish to convert to PDF.
  • Right-click and choose Save Selected Messages >> PDF format.
  • Select the folder where the PDF files will be saved and click Select Folder.

Manual Method Limitations

  • The manual method takes time.
  • During the procedure, attachments will not save.
  • Technical competence and granular knowledge are require.
  • There are no possibilities for personalising your PDF documents.
  • To avoid such scenarios and ensure that attachments and emails are kept together in PDF files, a professional solution must be use.

Alternative Solution to Read MBOX Emails in Adobe Reader

You can use Adviki MBOX to PDF Converter software for the process. Using this utility you can transfer all emails from MBOX file to Adobe PDF ffromat without any data loss. This MBOX Converter is all-in-one solution that will export emails from MBOX file in different fiel formats in a single interface.

Follow the instructions to open MBOX emails in Adobe Reader fromat –

1. Install and Run the automated tool on your system.

2. Add the MBOX file to the software.

3. Choose the location to save the exported .pdf file.

4. At last, click on the Convert button.

Done! Here complete the process within a few simple clicks. You can use the demo version of this tool and save your MBOX emails in Adobe file format.


It is critical to select a better method to read MBOX emails in Adobe Reader PDF file. Otherwise, you can lose your crucial data. As a result, we presented two suitable options for exporting MBOX to PDF files. The manual technique is free, however the professional solution protects attachments and data integrity.

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