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How to send a file without a USB by using email

  1. Introduction


This post is all about how to send file without a USB by using email as the medium.

First, you’ll need to download an email app and then open it up. There are lots of them out there and you can choose what you prefer. It’s very important to make sure the app can read your attachments before you transfer the files. If it doesn’t, the app will be unable to transfer them.

Next, select your file from your computer and its size . You can either just send it as an attachment or upload it if your file is already large.

After that, select “File Transfer” . The next step is simply choosing the type of file you want to send. There are lots of them out there for different uses but here are some examples:

If you would like to send multiple files at once, just select “Multiple Files” and then click on “Send Multiple Files at Once” .

After that, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose a folder where you want to save the files Step 2: Select a recipient (optional) Step 3: Click on “Start Sending” Step 4: Wait while it sends your files Step 5: Download your transferred files Step 6: Done! Enjoy!


  1. Benefits of using file sharing websites


Recently, we talked about file sharing websites like Dropbox and Google Drive. These websites allow us to share files without the need of a USB.

The thrill of using these websites is that there is no limit of files and documents you can store on them. But there are some disadvantages with them also. For example, for uploading your files, you will have to pay some money. Also, after an hour or two, a lot of your files will be deleted because they are not being downloaded by users.

But besides those disadvantages, they are one of the most convenient ways we have to store files on the internet nowadays.


  1. Disadvantages of using USB


It’s true that the quality of video sent via USB is not as high as that of HD videos. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop using USB. The USB doesn’t have any limitations other than the fact that it only sends video without quality degradation.

To make sure your files reach their destination, download them to a flash drive and send via USB. You can also save them on your computer in .mp4 format so that they can be played on an Android smartphone or other Android devices.


  1. Transferring files through the file sharing websites is safer and easy as compare to the traditional way of transferring files through USB drive


You can’t send files without a USB Transferring files through the file sharing websites is safer and easy as compare to the traditional way of transferring files through USB drive.

It’s true that a lot of companies these days rely on FTP since they have not much time for their clients to send files by email or through their own FTP servers, but they might lose up data and this is why they need some serious tools in their arsenal like FileZilla or RapidShare which are both free web-based applications (and basically require no registration) and will be able to help them with all their needs when it comes to sharing big files with clients over the Internet via FTP or BitTorrent.

It also supports encryption so that even in case your laptop gets stolen, nothing will get compromised as it will not be able to access anything stored in the cloud via Box, Google Drive etc.. Uploading videos over HTTP/HTTPS is also supported which makes things more convenient because no special hardware is required for uploading videos over HTTP/HTTPS since it uses HTTP/HTTPS protocol instead of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


  1. Conclusion


You may think that you are the victim of a computer virus, but the truth is that it was not a computer virus. It was an act of self-destruction.

This virus, which we will be calling SelfDestruct, was created by two people who were trying to destroy their files through self-destructive file sharing. The two were trying to prove to themselves and others that they were smarter than everybody else, by destroying their own work through a self destructive file sharing service. They were trying to show the world that they could do anything and be anything without boundaries, without limitations.

SelfDestruct is easy to install on your computer and even easier to uninstall; it does not require any special software or hardware (it can be installed in just about any OS). Yes, SelfDestruct does have some limitations such as only one person can use it at any time (you don’t want more than one person using this software), but these limitations are easily overcome by installing more than one copy of SelfDestruct on your computer at once.

SelfDestruct automatically deletes your files each time you initiate a program or perform certain actions (such as opening a file). The program also keeps track of where the files go when they are deleted and will even create duplicate copies of your files if you try to delete too many at once. This feature makes it difficult for you to get rid of your files too fast because if you delete them all simultaneously, then there is nothing left for SelfDestruct to remove and the program will simply keep on deleting them until the last file is erased.

The reason why this program is so effective is because it self destructs without fail after many days when you do not use the program anymore. This means that once this program has been installed on your computer, there will be no way for it to run in the background unless there is something preventing it from running in its normal state (such as new programs being installed on your PC). And when this happens, SelfDestruct will go into full effect again right away because most of its features are automatic so there isn’t much time wasted when it goes back into action after being inactive for a while. Another benefit of this software is that you can make multiple copies at once.

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