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HP Printer Says Offline on iPhone – How Can I Fix It?

Even the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi yet my HP Printer Says Offline when printing from my iPhone. It is too much terrific as I couldn’t print anything. Totally unable to understand what is wrong with my HP Printer or my connected iPhone device. What should I have to implement to bring my HP Printer back online?

Relax! We’ve got you covered. The productive fixing guidelines are compiled in the blog post. You will get an answer to the above query and hence resume the print job without receiving the ‘Printer Offline’ error message. So, don’t wag off, if the HP Printer Offline error occurs when you give Print Command to the selected document on your iPhone. The solutions are at your fingertips!

Why does My HP Printer Keeps Going Offline On iPhone?

Even after having an iPhone properly connected to Wi-Fi, my HP Printer Keeps Going Offline. This mostly happens due to multiple reasons. Some of the real causes are enumerated below. Have a glance:

  • AirPrint is not enabled
  • Your iPhone couldn’t find HP Printer
  • Your iPhone has several printers associated with it
  • Technical errors with your wireless router
  • Lack of communication establishment between your iPhone and HP Printer

Fruitful Solving Guide For HP Printer Says Offline on iPhone

Getting back your HP Printer online from its offline mode on the iPhone is not a cakewalk, especially for beginners. That’s why; we’ve covered solutions to quickly fix HP Printer Says Offline error. You only have to implement the below-provided course of action. Continue to follow the next solution if the previous one didn’t work in eliminating the Printer Offline message from iPhone. Let’s get started!

Guide 1: Perform a Power Cycle

Here’s how you can do it with no hassle:

  • First and forecast, you have to turn off your iPhone, Printer, and Router devices.
  • Next, you need to carefully unplug the power from the back of a router.
  • After unplugging the power cable, wait for a minute.
  • Thereafter, plug the power cable back into your router.
  • Now, turn on the router device.
  • Wait till the router is initialized.
  • Now, turn on your HP Printer and iPhone.
  • Afterward, try to print with the HP Printer from the connected iPhone.

If still HP Printer Keeps Going Offline on iPhone despite serving quality printouts, move on to the next solution.

Guide 2: Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Beneath listed are the proactive steps to reset network settings on your iPhone:

  • First, go to the “Settings” section on your iPhone.
  • Then, click the “General” tab
  • Navigate to “Transfer or Reset iPhone” ≫Reset” ≫ “Reset Network Settings”.
  • Now, click the “Reset Network Settings” tab again to confirm the reset.
  • Your iPhone will turn off, reset its network settings, and turn back on.
  • Now, enter your Wi-Fi password and reconnect your Bluetooth devices.

Now, probably, you can print anything from your iPhone.

Guide 3: Confirm Your Printer Supports AirPrint

If your printer is showing offline even after implementing the above-stated guide, check the compatibility of your HP printer and AirPrint. Make sure the HP Printer you use for printing extensively supports AirPrint that is installed in your iPhone. Otherwise, you can have problems printing documents and may experience printer offline issues.

Guide 4: Confirm Your Printer Is Connected To Same Network

Make sure your HP Printer and your iPhone both are connected over the same Wi-Fi network otherwise, HP Printer Will Be Offline when attempting to print. Also, confirm that you are within the range of your internet.

 Guide 5: Cancel Your Print Job

View your print jobs and immediately cancel if anyone is stuck. Here’s how you can view and cancel print jobs if needed:

  • First, open the App Switcher
  • Click on the “Print Center”
  • Now, you can view all the print jobs functioning on your iPhone.
  • If you need to cancel a print job, simply click the “Cancel Printing” red button.

After canceling the print jobs that are stuck in the AirPrint queue, try to print to check HP Printer Keeps Going Offline error has been resolved.

How To Print With AirPrint From iPhone?

  • Open the app you want to print from your iPhone.
  • To find the print option, tap the app’s share icon or reply icon or tap “…” points.
  • Scroll down and click the icon of the Print.
  • Tap the “Select Printer” option and choose an “AirPrint-enabled printer” tab.
  • Choose the number of copies or other options, like which pages you want to print.
  • Finally, click the “Print” option in the upper-right corner.
  • Check your printer, the quality printouts is been delivered.

Not Satisfied With Solutions? Contact HP Printer Support Team

Now, you know what to do if HP Printer Says Offline on iPhone. The solutions explained above are proven by tech-savvy experts in the technical field. If still you need further assistance with your printer problems, consider calling the 24×7 online HP Printer Support Number.

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