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Interesting Facts about Web Application Development- A Website Owner Must Know

As a website owner, you’re probably well aware of the importance of having a well-designed website. But did you know that web application development is just as important? 

In this article, we’ll provide you with some interesting facts about web application development that you need to know. We’ll also help you understand the different types of web applications and the benefits of each. 

Finally, we’ll provide you with tips on how to choose the right web application development company for your needs. So read on and learn everything you need to know about web application development.

Unique Web Application Development Facts

Web Page Looks Different on Different Screens

Browsers on each device run a website in a different manner or layout. This includes smartphones and tablets, computer monitors and televisions. 

In fact, different vendors such as Apple, Microsoft and Google produce the browsers that run on their devices – so it’s important to find a web development company that works with all of these platforms.

And if you have complex website designs which integrate multiple interfaces then they need to be made accessible by each device type separately too – this will also increase your costs considerably owing to maintenance services.

Most Visitor Just Scan the Website

In research on how people read websites, Nielsen Norman Group found that 79% of test users scanned the website – the remaining 21% read every word – suggesting that web application development has often been focused on making websites as user friendly and engaging as possible, but it’s not well recognised that this is actually a relatively small part of your visitors’ flow.

Most Visitor Open Websites on Mobile Browsers

“According to metrics from research company ComScore LLC, 59% of all desktop users and 55% of smartphone owners surf websites on smartphones. 

The average person spends two hours and 20 minutes per month browsing the Internet or websites using a handheld device. By one estimate, there are more than 500 million mobile devices worldwide connected at any given moment.”

Content Management Systems Make Websites More Expensive

If you’re developing a web application then you will definitely need a content management system (CMS) to keep track of all the information your website needs to have for each page, this includes images and videos. 

Two prominent CMS platforms available which can be used with web development platforms are Word Press and Drupal. The basic authority over what goes on within a site is provided by the administrator – often called an editor or publisher who you will author new articles, blog posts etc. using these platforms.

This creates another level of complexity where you need to keep track of access rights and make sure that content is safe from tampering by using security tools – this is not easy when working on a CMS system, especially if it’s the first time someone has done it.

Source Code Impacts SEO Ranking of Website

It’s a common belief that when you change the source code of your website, it affects how search engines evaluate and ranks your site. This is not in fact true as there are numerous techniques which can be used to tweak content on existing pages and at the web proxy level behind the scenes before they appear on any given page.

Historically Google has been more inclined towards indexing previously unseen content however over recent years indexes have become even more dynamic – which means that previously unseen information on sites continues to be indexed but not necessarily new content. 

There has been criticism of how Google still seems to have difficulty in moving beyond indexing raw URL’s and getting into targeting high quality fully complete documents written by human authors with the likes of Microsoft Word, these are the kind which would be judged as “Just Right” against many criteria including integration of text, heading levels etc in order for it to get into the “Just Right” column.

 Visual Multimedia Content can be a make and break move for your Website

When no-one had ever heard of CGI or Flash, they came into their own in the early 2000’s however Google has been much better at adapting to change where web applications can be dumped when developed and quickly made obsolete by newer techniques. 

This is a problem not only for websites but also for creative competing media such as music videos which now resort to GIFs rather than requiring loading times or being needlessly slowed down with image based content. 

If your video is hoping for passing mentioned by Google in the area of “Entertain more people who are looking to learn about something” then you should consider using this type of multimedia as it can be effective but won’t always bring visitors from search engines.

For new website owners, there’s also a problem with indexing web pages in their local language and translation – which means that they may need to supply an alternative version with appropriate images and text for the particular language. Google has also been criticized for seeing this type of content as “not useful” or a liability to search engines which is clearly incorrect.

Demographics Impact the User Behaviour

Groups of people such as senior citizens spent a large amount of time on the web compared to all other groups. Older demographics have proven to impact search behaviours and may predict profitability in terms of advertising spend with old users more likely to be receptive after surprise visits (purchase intent). 

Racially balanced organizations increase productivity, morale and retention rates for employees regardless of race. Agile Development is often seen by corporate business analysis teams as incompatible with traditional time consuming project plans and can even aggravate inter-departmental communications. 

It’s often stated that “my story becomes yours, your code becomes mine”. Rather than keeping their information secure Agile methods may put people at greater risk of security attacks so preservation needs to be considered as a matter of basic business best practice, especially when customers are concerned about the product they purchased.


In this blog, we explored some interesting facts about web application development that every website owner should know. From its history to the various technologies used in its making, we covered a wide range of topics that would help you make informed decisions when it comes to developing your website. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and let us know what you think

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