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Mother-of-two is fined £100 for overstaying 15-minute limit as she queued up for a car wash

Ms Carby said she believed the £100 fine was

A mother-of-two is fined £100 for going over the 15-minute limit while queuing for a car wash – an hour after buying her new engine

  • Single mum hit with ‘outrageous fine’ an hour after buying new car
  • Ms Carby was fined £100 for waiting for a car wash on a garage forecourt

A single mother forced to queue at a car wash on a garage forecourt has been fined £100 for exceeding the 15-minute limit just an hour after collecting her new car from the garage.

The mother-of-two waited in line for around 25 minutes for her turn before heading home on February 15.

She didn’t give much thought to the experience until a fine from Euro Car Parks landed on her doormat 12 days later.

Signs at the garage say the maximum parking time is 15 minutes, but the 41-year-old thinks that shouldn’t apply to the car wash.

With the fine, the £9 wash could now cost him £100.

Ms Carby said: ‘I am absolutely appalled.

“I think it’s absolutely outrageous that they can do that. Ok, there may be signs for parking, but the car wash queue is not parking.

Ms Carby said she believed the £100 fine was

Ms Carby said she thought the £100 fine was ‘outrageous’

The payment is materialized by a signage on the site

The payment is materialized by a signage on the site

Ms Carby had only bought her new car an hour before going to have it washed at an Esso garage in Rickmansworth, Watford.

She had planned to drive to the BP garage along the road but found it was closed, forcing herself and other drivers to drive to Esso.

She said: “The only reason I went there was because the car wash at the BP garage down the road was closed which is why there were so many cars queuing up at the car wash Esso that day.”

She added: ‘It took a lot of time, effort and help from family members to get this car and then within an hour I was hit with a £100 fine.

“I had my previous car for over ten years and never had a parking fine. One hour from this car and I get fined for doing a car wash – I’m just appalled.

With rising energy bills and expenses for a used car, the fine is a big hit.

The administrative manager plans to be stubborn and will refuse to pay because she simply cannot afford it.

The 41-year-old appealed on the Euro Car Park website and an automated confirmation email informed her that a response may take 30 days.

However, she was only given 14 days to pay a reduced fine of £60.

The penalty notice given to Ms Carby read: ‘Your vehicle has been parked for longer than the maximum period allowed.

“By staying in the car park without authorization, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the signage, the parking fee is now due to Euro Car Parks (as creditor).

“Failure to pay the full amount of this notice within 28 days may result in debt collection and/or legal action against you.”

MailOnline has approached Euro Car Park for a comment.

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