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Sir Rocco Forte: Business is being used as a cash cow

Lack of vision: Sir Rocco Forte criticized Rishi Sunak's government

Sir Rocco Forte: Business being used as a cash cow: Entrepreneur criticizes Rishi Sunak government for lack of vision

Lack of vision: Sir Rocco Forte criticized Rishi Sunak's government

Lack of vision: Sir Rocco Forte criticized Rishi Sunak’s government

Sir Rocco Forte has criticized Rishi Sunak’s government for its lack of vision and said it is using business as a “milking cow”.

The successful hotelier – one of Britain’s most recognized entrepreneurs – said plans unveiled this month to raise taxes as Britain enters recession are “completely counter-intuitive” and would lead to a more serious slowdown.

Raising corporation tax is a “fundamental mistake”, he said.

He also criticized plans to freeze tax thresholds which he said risk removing the incentive for middle-income people to work hard.

The Mail on Sunday has calculated that freezing thresholds for another two years – a stealth tax – will siphon off more than £50billion in extra tax from workers by 2028.

“What encouragement is there for the ideal of free enterprise? What motivation is there to strive and strive? he said in an opinion piece published in full this weekend on The Mail+.

Forte said scrapping plans for Enterprise Zones is also “detrimental.” He added: “There is simply no vision for the future.”

Forte raised concerns that Brexit is “disputed” and that “before we know what happened, we will end up in the European Union”.

He said: “I operate in the European Union, and things are even gloomier there than they are here.” He said: “We are told that we are now in adult hands. I know plenty of adults who never achieved anything in their lives, who had no ambition and were ready to go with the flow.

“There were a lot of adults in the 1970s when the country was in a bigger mess than it is today.

“It took a visionary to come and change it. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a Mrs Thatcher around today.

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