The government has issued advisory saying that black fungal infection has spread in Nepal


Kathmandu. The Ministry of Health and Population has issued an advisory urging to remain vigilant after the infection of ‘black fungus’ was found in Nepal. In India, thousands of people have been infected with the so-called black fungus. The disease is seen in patients who have recovered from covid.

The ministry has mentioned in the advisory about the symptoms of the disease, methods of prevention and what should be done in case of infection in isolation. According to the ministry, the patients who recovered from Covid-19 had problems such as eye, nose and face damage.

Although the infection of black fungus is rare in Nepal at present, if the infection is serious, it can be fatal, according to the Ministry of Health. As this disease is fatal, it is necessary to adopt health related standards.

These symptoms are common in people with black mold

  • Pain around face, mouth, nose, eyes
  • Eyes and nose swelling, redness or pain
  • Bleeding from the nose, thick sneezing
  • Fever is coming
  • Swelling of the eyelids, drooping of the eyelids, blurred vision
  • Toothache or shaking

These people are at higher risk

  • People who have used steroids during Covid-19 treatment
  • Those who use antibiotics or other drugs indiscriminately without a doctor’s advice
  • People with diabetes or a weakened immune system

Prevention measures to be taken while living in isolation at home

  • Use clean and dry masks, do not reuse disposable masks
  • Wash your hands regularly or use a sanitizer
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene
  • Use disposable gloves when working outdoors or in the garbage
  • Don’t go to very dusty and damp places
  • Rinse nose with salt water
  • Rinse throat and mouth with povidone iodine-containing liquid
  • Patients with diabetes should control their sugar
  • Use medicine only on the advice of a health worker


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