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Tips For Transporting A Cake Safely

Nobody wants to be the one at a party blamed for the cake’s demise. This instruction is how we propose that customers transport their cakes, particularly stacked cakes. While every effort is made to build solid and durable cakes, even the most sturdy cake can not withstand a fully sloppy transit. We would also like to emphasize that everyone driving should drive safely and within the rules because a cake can not always be rebuilt. 

Use Cardboard Cake Box 

Cardboard is used to make enormous cake boxes. These are the most common varieties of cake boxes. The boards provide a flat surface without harming the cake’s shape. Furthermore, the cardboard provides additional strength, preventing the cake from distorting the box.

Keep The Temperature In Mind 

Even modestly warm conditions might cause a cake’s frosting to melt, resulting in a sloppy appearance or, worse, unsteady layers. When traveling with cake, keep the air conditioner on and avoid storing the cake in the trunk on a hot day. If your rear seats fold forward, creating a gap between the cabin and trunk, you might be able to get away with trunk storage on a hot day if your air conditioning is powerful enough.

Keep the Cake In The Boot 

One of the best places in a car is the boot or trunk; it’s cool, reasonably sturdy, and the cake won’t move around if you put it appropriately. It’s a heavy object, so they don’t move around in the boot. Slide the box down the boot until it rests against the back of the back seats. It shouldn’t move too far if you have to break it hard.

Hold The Cake Horizontally 

Keep the cake horizontal at all times and avoid leaning it against your body. Always place both hands beneath the cake board to equally distribute the weight. If you hold it from the sides, the board may bend and force the cake to flex, resulting in cracks in the buttercream or fondant.

Plan A Pre-Delivery 

Cake delivery is a process that must be optimized. So, don’t stop planning after the baking and decorating stages; see it through to the end. How will your cake arrive at the location, and what efforts will ensure its safe arrival? Plan and be clear about what to do and how, and create a pre-delivery checklist. It is better to order the cake from a cake shop near your place. Moreover, you can send cakes in Canada, USA or in any other nations through online medium.

Place It On A Flat Surface 

If you place the cake on the floors, you have a better chance of getting a level surface. Push your front seatback all the way. Place a non-slip shelf liner on the floor and place the cake on it. If you believe it will be too tall, transport the tiers separately and assemble the cake at the site. The remaining tiers can be placed on the floorboards towards the back. You need to make sure your car is spotless, and your cake is in a box.

Think About Decorations 

When you’re decorating the cake, consider how well the embellishments will hold up while you’re on the road. Sturdy gum paste flowers may travel well; however, a design of piped whipped cream flowers may wilt and dissolve in transit. Choose a decorative style that is suitable for travel. You can also consider what decorations to bring with you once you get to your location. Moreover, you can take online cake delivery in Australia, USA or anywhere and consider adding fragile fondant figures or other delicate embellishments to the cake after placing it in its final display location if you have them. It will not only make traveling less unpleasant, but it will also ensure that your cake looks beautiful before serving.

Chill The Cake 

The cake can cool down, but not you! After you’ve finished decorating your cake, the first thing you should do is place it in the fridge/freezer. The goal of cooling your cake is to allow the buttercream/icing to set. When it hardens, your piped design and cake surface will be less prone to smudge and will stay in place better.



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