Top 10 Programming Skills to Guarantee a Fat-Wallet Salary

I have never been interested in software development or its career. However, recently while working on a contract law case study, I came across the Forbes data, which says that a senior java developer is the 4th happiest job profile in the world, earning a basic salary of $56,120 on average.

Moreover, Android developers and lead developers secure the 5th and 8th positions with minimum pay scales of $56,120 and $84,296, respectively. This job offers one of the rarest contentment with cash at least; you get what you put in.

Another report from the MSN suggested that the differences in income between the countries and continents for this job profile are also pretty negligible. For example, you can earn $99,000 (£80,000) and around £50,000 ($62,000) in USA and UK, respectively, for working as a software engineer. Undoubtedly, there is a difference in the salaries, but it is not stark.

Unfortunately, neither can I acquire the skills nor increase the bank balance for this most sought-after job. However, this homework helped me ascertain the 10 skills you should have if you want to get a fat-wallet job as a programmer.

1. Data Structures Knowledge

If you imagine your job as a programmer as a woodcutter, the in-depth knowledge of data structure is your axe. A wrong data structure has the power to reduce the speed of your code or slog your program on the whole. Therefore, you must have the core knowledge of the relevance and universality of data structure to ace your technical interviews.

2. Java

Java tops the TOPBE index as the most popular programming language. Its unique features like cross-programming and object orientation are why its omnipresence on over 7 million devices across almost all native Android applications. Exceptional jobs with salaries over $100K listed on mandates Java as the essential skill. World leaders like IBM, Disney, Deloitte, HP, eBay, Microsoft, and Amazon always have vacancies for exceptional Java programmers.

3. SQL – Structured Query Language

Not all programming languages create data or programs; some manage it. SQL is one of the chief data managers. Most businesses and websites use programs that deal with data directly or indirectly. Many databases work from the backend and therefore rely significantly on SQL. It generates the need for hiring experts with unparalleled SQL programming skills. Glassdoor estimates the average salary of SQL programmers; begins from $70,466. Some companies actively recruit SQL developers; the most prominent include UnitedHealth, Dell, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Disney, and Citi.

4. C

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index 2017, C is the most widely and most consistently used program after Java. The features of the C program give you a lot of control and customization facilities. It allows you to operate the system in the way you prefer and control the internal operation of your program codes. Therefore, many companies prefer using C over other programs. Hence, it generates the hunt for ninja C programmers. Collecting data from over 1025 C programmers, calculated that an average C programmer earns $95,774 per year. IT giants Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, and HP, are the top recruiters.


When you want to build a website, HTML is one of the primary programs you use. Combine CSS and JQuery to this typical program, and you have WordPress ready with the best responsive themes. Glassdoor has found that the front-end HTML developers bag a whopping $75,000 of basic national median salary. The other salary inclusions are not counted in the result. In addition, having this skill in your resume can land you on Amazon, eBay, Disney, IBM, and Microsoft, who actively seek HTML developers.

6. Python

Python is extensively used in big shot companies like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora. Most of these are written in Python. This program also powers open source web application frameworks like Django. Python developers can earn an average of $83,000 in companies like Amazon, Intel, Dell, Google, Yahoo, and eBay.

7. Mobile Development

If you look for the top three highest-paying jobs in the USA, Mobile app developer is one among them. Apple and Pay Store are always looking for the best applications that they can sell readily sell and increase their business. A Bloomberg report suggested that the global app market has already crossed $120 million in 2020. Therefore, interested tech geeks must make the most of this shift by feeding the generation with more mobile apps. Currently, Glassdoor says that an average Mobile Application Developer earns $78,232.

8. PHP

PHP is an excellent program for writing codes and developing applications. Moreover, many companies use this program to support databases like MySQL, debase, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. The other excellent example is Facebook. It is written in PHP. If you want to pursue your profession as a PHP programmer, you can expect a national median salary of $81,000.

9. JavaScript

JavaScript is like water; it is a programming language that forms a section of web fabric and can assimilate with multiple programming frames. Any web browser that allows personalised web pages and a smooth user experience has JavaScript in its base. When you build a security password, check forms, interactive games, and animations, you use JavaScript. Almost all mobile applications and server-based applications use JavaScript. The average JavaScript Developer salary is $72,500, says Glassdoor, with top employers like Amazon, MS, IBM, Dell, Disney, Yahoo, and Salesforce.

10. Multilingualism

Learning the above 9 programming languages will pay you a good salary. However, multilingualism will give you an edge over others in the candidature of a software programmer. Although the monthly drawings from the company cannot be lettered, it is assured that numbers would be lucrative.

Signing Off,

Whether you pack your bags with one or multiple languages, ensure that you know the programs to its nerves. It will help you excel in your career and earn better salaries than your mate.

Author bio-

Raymond M. Fernandez is a full-time writer at Apart from being a writer, Kevin is also a passionate wildlife photographer.

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