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Top 4 Food Innovations You Should Know About

The Global Food and Beverage Industry as of today is capitalized above $6000 billion. It is one of the most enormous and diversified industries, comprising both organized and unorganized sectors. Hence the Food Industry Market Research that highlights food innovations is never linear. Innovations can be witnessed in the food business structure, core processes, product/service offerings, supply chains, customer experience, branding, and so on. The increasing use of technology and digitization is streamlining further transformation, encouraging businesses to go lean, smart, and intuitive.
Here are 4 path-breaking food innovations that you should know about:-
3D Food Printing
Visualize a 3D Food Printer that is a highly advanced version of your regular coffee machine. Only it is much faster, advanced, automated, and delivers a lot more than coffee. 3D Food Printing is a cutting-edge food processing technique that amalgamates food-grade nozzles, food-grade syringes, and preloaded recipes on AI-driven food printers. There is a high level of flexibility concerning the food types, taste, flavor, texture, aroma, and nutrition. As per the Food Trend Predictions for 2022, this innovation will gain higher popularity owing to the following advantages:-

  • Enhanced nutritional value
  • Wastage reduction and higher sustainability
  • Higher creativity in food design
  • Especially convenient for constricted environments like spaceships, healthcare catering, etc
  • High level of personalization

Meat from plant-based sources
As discussed under 3D food printing technology, there is immense flexibility to exactly set the taste, texture, flavor, aroma, and nutrition of whatever food is being printed or produced. The plant-based meat industry or vegan meat industry has been thriving on this technology (along with several others like lab tissue culture, food extrusion) to deliver vegan meat products that cater well to the tastes of meat-eating consumers. Needless to state, the 2022 food trend predictions indicate a global trend towards embracing vegetarianism. So plant-based meat (made with the proteins extracted from peas, soy, wheat, beans, potatoes, etc) is a noteworthy food innovation, albeit one that has been around for several years now.

Eliminating Refrigeration
Cold storage (both freezing and refrigeration) is a high-cost, high-energy consuming process that is necessary right from production to storage and distribution. Many companies are coming up with innovations to increase the shelf life of foods using sustainable, low-cost alternative techniques. For example, US-based Farther Farms is using Carbon Dioxide to preserve uncooked French Fries. The pasteurization method using pressurized Carbon Dioxide can increase the shelf life of the fries by 90 days. Several other businesses are following suit to increase their energy efficiency and costs.

Tooth-Implant Sensor to monitor Diet
For those who need to constantly monitor their sugar, salt, alcohol, or carbs intake, a novel food-based sensor has been developed by the US-based Tufts University. This can be easily fixed in your tooth as a detachable implant, giving you a signal-based warning when the consumption of a particular food or beverage crosses the maximum threshold. This is a particularly handy food innovation for those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or any other chronic syndrome that requires continual diet monitoring. With the average global consumer becoming increasingly health-conscious, there are going to be more takers for this technology.

A Futuristic Approach
As per the latest food industry market research and best new food products 2022, food and beverage start-ups that have incorporated data-driven strategies across their business operations are making inroads fast. Traditional food giants are facing the repercussions of this competitive approach, losing out valuable market segments to the smart new players. The erstwhile, top-down decision-making approach is undergoing a major and irreversible upheaval. Data Analytics and AI-driven tools have established their prominence in the industry, all set to take the reins from the conventional business models very soon.

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