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Top Reasons You Should Consider Drupal for Mobile App Development

Deciding between different CMS platforms? Have you considered Drupal? Here are a collection of top reasons that Drupal software can help you build an innovative and engaging website.

Did you know that Drupal is the CMS of choice for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA today? Perhaps it’s the simplicity for editors, the power for admin and its accessibility for everyone. It really can be the proverbial one stop shop for your organisation. So, perhaps it’s time for your business to consider finding Drupal developers in Melbourne for your mobile app development project.

Decision time
Equally suitable to government and private organisations, Drupal lends itself perfectly to delivering scalable and customisable solutions across a wide range of settings. The key to success is find experienced Drupal developers in Melbourne that know how to leverage all of the features to your business advantage. This begins with a through project scoping to understand your needs now and in the future too. Drupal can be used for specific aspects of the task or be rolled out for end-to-end development. Just make sure that the digital agency you select is a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands to place your project in.

Easy peasy
Perfect for mobile app development, Drupal allows editors to write content without any coding experience, making it ideal for non-technical staff. It’s a simple as editing a Word document, meaning that a wide range of individuals can easily update their own content. Access via a browser allows numerous users concurrent access to edit their work, making it a straightforward task that can be undertaken from any computer.

Drupal modules create a block like building method to construct a framework that’s exactly to your specifications, a broad range of plug-ins make further adaptations possible. Importantly, content is able to be viewed over multiple devices, so you can be confident that your site will perform over the wide range of media that your customers will be using.

Smooth sailing
Ideal for content heavy websites, Drupal has an intelligent navigation architecture that allows easy structuring of information. Customised layouts allow editors to confidently arrange data in straightforward ways.

Another powerful feature to discuss is the search function. Poor functionality in this area can really slow down data heavy sites, but intelligent indexing enables rapid searches and fast results.

Similarly, integration with third party systems is key for the smooth and timely flow of information. Drupal’s flexibility allows for this to occur in a timely and seamless manner.
New content can also be set to ‘run headless’, which means that notifications can be seen on devices such as smart watches.

Save time and pain
Working with well renowned Drupal developers in Melbourne can make your project come to life and deliver great results for your business. Successful mobile app development can be tricky, so taking the guess work out by working with an experienced organisation will save your business time, money and unnecessary pain.

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