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Train fares are about to rise by 5.9% – but travellers can save by booking early

Price to play?  Most rail operators will raise regulated fares by almost 6% this weekend

Train fares will rise by 5.9% TOMORROW – but travelers can still get cheaper tickets if they buy them before the deadline

  • Most rail operators forecast fare increases of almost 6% for 2023
  • These hikes are price regulated, but buying tickets in advance can save you money

Train fares are rising by 5.9% this weekend – but travelers can avoid the increases by buying tickets before the deadline.

The price of thousands of train tickets increases on Sunday, March 5. Most price increases will be capped at 5.9% as the government stepped in to limit even higher rate increases.

Normally, the price of regulated rail fares can increase each year by the inflation level of the previous July, plus one percent.

Price to play?  Most rail operators will raise regulated fares by almost 6% this weekend

Price to play? Most rail operators will raise regulated fares by almost 6% this weekend

But as inflation was 12.3% for the reference month, the government intervened to say that rail operators could not increase fares by more than the average revenue growth for that month – 5.9%.

All train tickets purchased before March 5 will be priced at current prices, meaning travelers could save big by booking their journey in advance.

Which train tickets are increasing in price?

The 5.9% price increase is the maximum allowed by the government for regulated rail fares, which account for 45% of all train journeys.

These include season tickets for most commuters, many long-distance round-trip tickets outside peak hours, and “anytime” tickets near major cities.

The 5.9% figure is the average that rail operators are allowed to raise prices for all of their regulated fares.

Fares may therefore increase more or less than this, depending on your itinerary.

Most rail operators have yet to announce their fare hike plans, but those that have are sticking to the average figure of 5.9%.

Apart from regulated fares, rail operators decide their own prices for 65% of train journeys.

These include first class and advance tickets.

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