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How to Transfer Thunderbird Emails to New Computer?

The efficient methods for moving Thunderbird to a new machine will be covered in this technical topic. If you’re one of the users wondering, “How to transfer Thunderbird emails to new computer?” Then you should read this article. It focuses on numerous techniques for moving Thunderbird emails to new computers.

For usage with Windows, macOS, and Linux, Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email service/client application. Android and iOS are absent. This email client establishes a connection with one or more email servers and downloads messages on their behalf. The data is saved in a different location from the Thunderbird program files by Mozilla Thunderbird. The place is referred to as the profile folder.

It keeps important info. It keeps track of important information like messages, passwords, and user preferences. The profile folder and program files are kept in a different location by the Thunderbird email client. thus you won’t lose your emails or preferences when you uninstall it. Because of this, in order to transfer Thunderbird data to a new computer, you must copy your profile folder to the required location on the new machine.

Best Ways to Transfer Data from Thunderbird to a New Computer

Below, we’ve outlined many methods for migrating Thunderbird to a new computer. You must do this by carefully following each approach step by step.

Method 1: Import Thunderbird Emails to PC Using your source computer

To move Thunderbird to a new computer, use the method for moving local folders on Thunderbird, and then move it to an external hard drive that will be connected to your new PC.

  1. Connect a remote storage device or a USB drive first to transfer data.
  2. Click the Menu button now.
  3. Then click on Troubleshooting Information after choosing Help.
  4. Locate the Profile Folder Entry here, then click Open Folder.
  5. Then, Your Thunderbird Profile Folder will then be displayed in Windows Explorer.
  6. When you right-click on the Thunderbird folder, select Copy after closing the Thunderbird application.
  7. Paste it into the device you are using to migrate your data at the end.

Users can back up the Thunderbird profile folder on the hard disc using the aforementioned technique. Just a few more actions need to be taken to transfer Thunderbird emails to a new computer.

Method 2: Transfer Thunderbird data to New Computer

To export Thunderbird account settings to your new computer, go out the subsequent procedures.

  1. Connect the transfer device you require in order to copy the Thunderbird folder from the source computer first.
  2. Here Transfer the Thunderbird folder from the transfer device.
  3. Right-click the Thunderbird Folder again and select Copy.
  4. Select the Menu option in Thunderbird once it is open.
  5. Tap on Troubleshooting Information after that.
  6. Select the Open Folder option and browse the Profile Folder.
  7. Once more, the Windows Explorer window will appear with your Thunderbird profile folder, and you can then exit the tab.
  8. After that, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your Thunderbird profile folder.
  9. Copy the data, and then paste it inside the folder.
  10. Finally, choose and change your current data if the box occurs.

Users can manually transfer Thunderbird to a new computer using this method. Despite being free, this method has significant drawbacks, so you shouldn’t rely on it. Let’s examine several restrictions in order to comprehend why a professional strategy is required.

The user must first back up his or her Thunderbird profile before continuing with the aforementioned procedure.

Data loss is a serious concern because this method would

Due to the fact that this method does not backup the embedded images and files, there is a considerable chance of data loss.

The data in Thunderbird is harmed and corrupted.

The duties involved in this process are time-consuming, and they also call for technical expertise.

Therefore, we advise customers to use the professional technique in order to overcome all of the aforementioned constraints. Mozilla Thunderbird users will find it easy to switch to a new PC thanks to this.

Method 3: Using Automation to Transfer Thunderbird Emails to a New Computer

One of the trustworthy and dependable tools is Xen MBOX Converter Tool, which enables users to backup their Thunderbird emails into formats such as you can convert MBOX to PST,  PDF, CSV, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, etc. Additionally, the software transfers emails from Thunderbird to numerous other email services, such as you can import MBOX to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Exchange, iCloud, and Amazon Webmail. Additionally, the tool is built with a variety of sophisticated features that provide users with a comfortable working environment.

Final Conclusion

You’ll find a variety of responses to your questions on how to transfer Thunderbird to a new computer in the paragraph above. You must exercise caution when managing the Thunderbird export settings. Otherwise, the Thunderbird profile could suffer significant harm. This article takes that into account, and as a result, we offer an automatic method for moving Thunderbird email to a new computer. Apply the manual procedure carefully if you want to import the previous Thunderbird profiles without running the risk of harm or corruption; otherwise, consider hiring a professional.

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