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[Solved] How to Turn PNG File to GIF Format?

Overview:- Desperately searching for an easy easy solution to turn PNG file to GIF format, if yes then this post is just for you. Through this article we will discuss how users can resolve this query by using various techniques.

GIF as we know is a bitmap format that supports 8 bits/pixel for every image. Along with that, for a single picture it allows its very own reference palette up to 256 multiple colors chosen from the 24 bits RGB color space. In short, GIFs are not just for animated for sending and receiving purposes, it is generally for generating color to the file downloading areas.

Other than that, this file replaces the RLE (Run-Length encoding), black and white format. That is why GIF is the first color file that was used for the websites at that time. These pictures do not consists any kind of voice as its length is mostly up to 2-4 sec.

How does the Process to Turn PNG File to GIF Format?

There are two solutions by which users can easily resolve this issue. Firstly, we will briefly describe manual way discussing its pros and cons along the way. And secondly, we will discuss about a Professional solution to overcome the manual drawbacks and turn PNG file to GIF.

Manual Way of Transforming PNG file to GIF Format

1. To begin, open Microsoft Paint and after that browse your PNG files.

add file

2. Next, go to the File tab and then choose Save As option.

save as option

3. After that, select GIF as your saving format and hit on the Save option.

select gif

What are the disadvantages of Using the Above Mentioned technique?

  1. The biggest drawback of this technique is that it does not support bulk conversion. It will only be beneficial for those who happen to have less number of images.
  2. There is no guarantee that the quality of your images will be maintain during the process.
  3. Duplication can also occur during the conversion procedure.
  4. Not only that, there is no guarantee that you will get satisfactory results.

Using Expert Recommended Method to Turn PNG File to GIF

If you have a large number of images, we strongly recommend that you use the Professional Method. There are numerous online converters and third-party solutions available on the internet that can assist users to turn PNG file to GIF file formats. However, for this operation, we recommend using the Smart Image Converter Tool. This utility allows users to convert their images into a variety of export formats while maintaining image quality throughout the process.

Working Steps to Transform PNG to GIF

Simply Execute this below listed steps:-

1. First, Install and Launch this tool on your operating system.

install png to gif converter

2. After that, choose the Add File or Add Folder(s) option to browse your PNG files.

add file or folder

3. You can view your files before the conversion process and after that click on the Next option.

next option

4. Now, choose GIF as your exporting format.

select gif

5. Users can resize their images by simply changing the Set Height or Set Width of the pixels.

resize gif

6. In the end, click on the Convert option to start the procedure.

turn png file to gif

Why Choose this Application Over Other third-party tools?

  1. This software is completely capable of converting pictures in bulk with maintaining the image quality.
  2. With the help of this application users can easily turn PNG file to GIF and transform their images into multiple export format. Without dealing with any kind of issue.
  3. Therefore, it allows users to rearrange the order of their pictures after adding them into the software panel.
  4. Also, you can view your files before the conversion procedure too see if you have added the right files or not.
  5. Furthermore, there is absolutely no need for any kind of external software or any plug-ins while using this tool.


This article explains how to turn PNG file to GIF file. However, when dealing with large amounts of images, it is recommended that the Professional solution be used. We all know that the manual method is not ideal for bulk file conversion.

Users can use the software mentioned in this article to convert their images into a variety of file formats. Furthermore, this application maintains image quality throughout the process.

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