Know-How to Unlock Excel VBA Password With Complete Information

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to unlock excel VBA password in a variety of formats. You may find totally free methods to open an Excel workbook that has a VBA password in this article. Not only that, but we also covered how to bypass a hex editor and decrypt an Excel password using VBA code. Let’s begin, then.

You know how frustrating it may be if you’ve ever had difficulties remembering the password to one of your Excel spreadsheets.

Users can be in a situation where they can’t recall their VBA password on an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, they want to know how to unlock excel VBA password. But do you really understand what the VBA password is?

You don’t need to worry since we’ll explain in detail what a VBA password in an Excel workbook is and how to decrypt a password for an Excel VBA project.

Applications in Visual Basic (VBA) It is used to generate functions and automate simple tasks in a number of MS applications, most notably Excel worksheets. The majority of users password-protect VBA files as a result. However, mistakes happen, and VBA passwords may be forgotten.

As a result, you are unable to access or edit your Excel VBA scripts. To halt the mayhem, you must remove the VBA password from the Excel workbook. Fortunately, there are various choices. The greatest methods to unlock excel VBA password are shown in this article.

Here, we’ll display several customer inquiries about their requests to remove the VBA project password from an Excel spreadsheet.

User Query

“Hello, I have a lot of responsibilities as a manager for a business that works with information technology. A few employees departed our workplace a few months ago, too. Additionally, they have vital Excel spreadsheets. That document wouldn’t open the day before yesterday. However, the VBA password protects them. Given that I am unable to unlock excel VBA password manually, kindly advise on a professional procedure. I am not comfortable manually keeping my professional data because of this.”

Manual Method to Unlock Password from Excel VBA File

  1. Change the file extension of the VBA project from *.xlsm to *.zip.
  2. Now double-click the zip file to launch the WinZip or WinRar program.
  3. After that, choose the xl folder.
  4. Export the VBAProject.bin file after that, then open it in Hex Editor.
  5. Now, look for “DPB” in the Hex Editor, replace it with “DPx,” and save the file.
  6. Replace the old VBAProject.bin file with the updated version.
  7. Once again, replace *zip* with *.xlsm* in the file extension.
  8. In Microsoft Excel, click “Tools” and then “VBAProject Properties” to launch Visual Basic.
  9. Then enter the new password and save the *.xlsm file after choosing the “Protection” option.
  10. Finally, Excel users can quickly decrypt VBA passwords.

Limitation of Manual Approach

  • These laborious methods of password removal for Excel VBA modules. Passwords from each project may now be cracked separately. Therefore, it takes a while to crack Excel workbook VBA code passwords in bulk.
  • Excel VBA project passwords may be difficult for non-technical users to break. There are various steps and formulas to follow, as you can see.
  • Manually unlocking a VBA password in Excel offers no assurance of success. We discovered instances when consumers lost important data.

Professional Solution to Delete Excel VBA Password

VBA Password Remover Tool is one of the finest tools to unlock excel VBA password. The software’s strong and sophisticated algorithms enable unrestricted recovery of VBA passwords in Excel. The programme offers incredible capabilities, such as the ability to handle all Excel file extensions, that manual approaches cannot provide you. Multiple Excel files may be readily unlocked at once by users.

If you know more about the professional solution so click on the link Remove Password Protection from Excel VBA

How to Use Excel VBA Password Unlocker Software?

  1. Download the Excel VBA Password Unlocker software and then install it
  2. After that, click on the open button and then choose the excel file option
  3. Thereafter click on the Action button and then select the Remove password option
  4. In the end, choose the target folder and click “Save.”


The best tool to unlock excel VBA password is the VBA Password Remover Tool. The programme is designed with strong and sophisticated algorithms, which aid in the unrestricted recovery of VBA passwords in Excel. The application supports all Excel file extensions, for example, which is a benefit that manual techniques cannot provide you. Excel files may simply be unlocked in bulk by users.

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