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Why Yamuna Highway Is Becoming a More Favorable Spot for Residential or Commercial purchase?

Did you know? Yamuna Expressway, famously known as “Taj Expressway”, is considered to be one of the busiest highways in North India. Takings its beautiful name into account, the expressway stretches 165 km long, connecting the capital Delhi with the popularly renowned city of Agra. Due to its great connectivity, it has soared the market of real estate in Yamuna Expressway. Although there are many factors, mostly the main reason lies in deterioration. Travel time from 5 hours to 3 hours, which as a result helped a lot of people. Not only this, but the expressway is also interlinking the township and commercial sites located in the eastern region of Yamuna (Buying Flats in the Yamuna Expressway) as well. Apart from this, it ravelled the opportunities for a new organization to construct malls and recreational centres. Making it one of the favourable localities in the region.

Recently, YEIDA CEO Arun Vir Singh said that the authority received 2,593 applications, and the scheme would likely bring in Rs 416 crore in revenues. However, YEIDA would deliver the benefits of Rs 350 crore to the applicants. With this, the investors and builders are showing a keen interest in real estate in Yamuna Expressway. Which as a result will create no rehabilitation.

Keeping all things in consideration, the benefits of buying flat in the Yamuna Expressway is also commendable as it includes several strands that excite people.


Yamuna Expressway (Buying Flats in the Yamuna Expressway) provides great connectivity to Indira Gandhi International Airports, which is quite appealing to most buyers. It is located within the distance of 52.7 km via the Noida-Gr Noida Expressway. However, most of the sources suggest that upcoming Noida will be soon be

linked with the Noida City Centre to Sector 62 corridor shortly.


The Infrastructural facilities in Yamuna Expressway are best-in-class, as it incorporates many reputed schools and educational institutions in its vicinity. For instance, Gautam Buddha University, School of Law, Justice, B.K.Public School, KR Mangalam World School, etc.

The expressway also stands out in renowned hospitals and health care facilities to the residents. Which cannot be missed out on considering the current scenario.

Eco-friendly Environment

The surroundings that cover Yamuna Expressway is filled with rich greenery and natural vistas to please your eyes. Therefore, it would be worth having flats in Yamuna Expressway, as you will be close to nature and will cherish the Eco-friendly environment around your property.

Modernized and Furnished Flats

Families, who are looking forward to purchasing flats that provide them with modernistic designs and well-furnished housing, would not be compromising with the deal. There are many leading developers like Gaursons, ATS, ACE, Nirala Group, Supertech. Who are currently introducing great modern features in their projects?

Recently, Taj International Airport, Aviation Hub, and SDZs have proposed to adjoin the expressway, which as a consequence thrilled the people to have residential apartments in Yamuna expressway. In conclusion, Yamuna Expressway does showcase some potential benefits, and it may be a great opportunity for you to consider investing.

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